Metal Working Tools

by adminpower

Have you ever gone to a metal fabrication shop? It is fascinating to see how they work the various pieces of metal. Bending, cutting, welding for a variety of purposes and a variety of different metals, although steel is the most common.

There are huge machines called brakes that bend thick sheets of metal. There are small hand versions that HVAC people use to create the ducts for HVAC systems. (By the way, if you didn’t know, HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.) That is fine for the thin metal sheets they work with. But for thicker metal sheets or even plates, these larger machines are able to use a lot of pressure and force to bend them.

Then they have torches that they use to cut metal as well as various types of saws, particularly band saws. Some even use lasers to do the cutting. There are also shears to make rough cuts.

Then there ways to fasten the metal together. There are drill presses to make holes in the metal that you can put rivets or bolts through. Of course if you are using bolts, you need to have taps and dies to make the threads in the hole if you want that. Or you can have a smooth bore and the nut and bolt hold things together.

Besides that, to join things, you can weld them. There is arc welding and TIG and MIG welding and many more. Different types of welding are used for different purposes and for different types of metals. You have to handle aluminum differently than you do steel.

Then you need to be able to finish things off as well. So there are a variety of grinders such as belt grinders to smooth off rough spots. Then there are tumblers for deburring and polishing. And of course lathes to be able to turn rods of metal into different shapes.

If you ever get a chance to go to a metal fabrication shop while they are working, it is very interesting. Even just the machines they use to move the heavy pieces of metal around.