Lumberjack Tools

by adminpower

You could say you have two forms of lumberjacks. The ones who log trees for paper and lumber companies and the ones who work for tree services companies and do tree removal and tree pruning.

Historical Lumberjacking

A hundred years ago, no one except the very wealthy would have thought about pruning trees. It was hard laborious work because it was all done with hand tools. Not that it is that easy now, but in comparison it is easy now. Or maybe, it is just as hard work, but they get more done in the same time because of the power tools.

Some of the hand tools you needed were a long handles falling axe and a crosscut falling saw. These saws had a handle on each end and a lumberjack stood on either side of the tree and pushed and pulled the saw. They had huge teeth an inch or two long.

They also used a sledge hammer and wedges. Once the saw was in a ways, they would use the sledge hammer to drive the wedge into the cut behind the saw to keep the cut open, so the saw wouldn’t get pinched by the tree which would make it impossible to move the saw or remove it.

Modern Lumberjacks

Modern lumberjacks still have axes but they primarily use large chain saws. There are even machines that will come along and grasp the tree, snip it like it was cutting a flower stem, then tilt it over and pull it through the grippers to take all the branches off and in just a few minutes you have a log readied to be carried out of the forest. It is very impressive to see. Kind of scary too.

Tree Service Companies

With the tree services companies, the requirements are a bit different. With modern lumberjacks, they can pretty much fell a tree any direction they want. They will try to avoid knocking down other trees, but they generally don’t have to worry much about damaging anything. Not true for tree services companies. If they drop a tree on a house or prize flower garden, the clients are not going to be happy.

Rather than just felling the tree, they normally have to take them down piece meal. They will climb the tree, and rope off so that if they fall, the rope will catch them. They will attach other ropes to limbs they are cutting and lower them to the ground instead of letting them fall. This way they can use the ropes to guide where and how they are going to come down to the ground. So bit by bit, they deconstruct the tree until it is just a stump.

Once that is done, they will probably use a stump grinder to take the stump down below ground level so you can put dirt over it and it will look better. Lumberjacks will just leave the stumps there to rot. They have no reason to do stump grinding.

So the tree service companies will use chain saws but smaller ones than lumberjacks who are typically cutting down larger trees, although not necessarily. They also use the ropes and possible tackle up in the trees whereas a lumberjack might use them to move a tree once it is on the ground but that is about it.