Leatherman Tread

by adminpower

Leatherman Tread

Leatherman has come out with a new tool that doubles as jewelry. It is a bracelet that looks kind of like a tank tread. But each link in the tread has various types of tools. There are screw driver heads of all sorts, flat, Phillips, square and a variety of others. There are two or three on each link. And each link has a hole in it that can be used as a box wrench on bolt heads.

Of course you can’t get as much leverage as with traditional tools, but all told there can be around 25 different tools on the bracelet. It is made of high strength, corrosion resistant stainless steel. The clasp is even functional with perhaps one of the most important tools, a bottle opener.


It is also customizable. You can take links out to make it fit your wrist, or move them around in any order you like. Because each link has a lot of flexibility, you don’t need to take the bracelet apart to use the tool. Just fold the bracelet and go to work. (It would be kind of depressing to need a separate screwdriver to undo the bracelet to be able to use the tools. Luckily Leatherman didn’t make a dumb design decision like that. Not surprising given their history in designing tools.) To see a picture of it, see the article in ToolGuyd.

If you travel a lot, you don’t need to worry about getting through airport security. The bracelet tool passes TSA regulations.

The tool has 10 parts. There are 7 regular links, 2 clasp components and one smaller link to help with size adjustment for different wrist sizes. On the underside of each link are size markings. It will be possible to buy individual links. There will also be a version that includes a wrist watch.

The price will be $150 for the Tread and $500 with the watch.