Impact Drivers and Wrenches

by adminpower

Impact Drivers

An impact driver is a tool that combines a high rotational torque with fast-paced rotational tapping. It ensures the screw stays in place during rotation without spinning it out of the slots. An impact driver can be confused with the traditional cordless drill. It helps open or fix screws where they tend to be stuck. It achieves this by the trigger which allows you to stop driving consistently and pushes the screw further.



An impact driver is suitable for drilling holes and fastening screws onto furniture. In woodwork where assembly of various pieces is required, an impact driver works well in holding the pieces together with screws. While putting together frames or bookshelves you need set screws to ensure they remain in place.

They are applicable in constructing cabinets, wooden tables, and bookshelves. They come in handy when fixing permanent wood frames among other wooden items.

Impact Wrenches

It is a high rotational tool for loosening rusty nuts from vehicles or complex machinery. It has a unique hex opening compared to an impact driver, allowing it to fit sockets of various sizes. It also suits great devices such as wheel nuts. The hammering mechanism of impact wrenches provides concussive blows very quickly allowing lug nuts to loosen. Most impact wrenches use compressed air in combination with lubricating systems to allow effectiveness. Electric ones are available although they present a reduction in impact.


In Automotive industry

Impact wrenches are applicable when driving out rusty or firmly fixed nuts from cars or tracks. The wrench screws out the nuts by applying a high force between the bolt and the socket allowing it to loosen. They produce a loud whirling sound when operation hence it is important to use ear plugs for safety.

They are suitable for removal of wheels, disconnection of individual car parts and replacement of worn out screws.  They also apply to maintenance of large machinery and in complex construction projects.

Difference between Impact Drivers and Wrenches

Impact wrenches are heavier and bulky. They operate with more power compared to impact drivers. Impact wrenches have a square drive measuring ½” compared to impact drivers which have a hex drive measuring ¼.”

Impact wrenches are mainly used to loosen screws and nuts while impact drivers fasten nuts by driving them onto surfaces. Impact drivers apply in situations where standard drills can’t function well, while wrenches can perform general heavy duty purposes.

Impact drivers are practical for home use since they are compact and offer more torque than the usual cordless drills. They are easier to use and friendly compared to impact wrenches. Both impact wrenches and drivers perform by exerting concussive rotational forces where it’s difficult to drill or screw using the other tools.

Bottom Line

Impact wrenches deliver extra power compared to impact drivers when it comes to function. However, most people do not find much use of this powerful tool owing to it’s applicability to complex functions.  On the other side, impact drivers are suitable for more practical work around the home. They can be converted to wrenches and used with socket drivers.