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Easily ignored tools that should be a part of every garage tool box

by adminpower

Either you are a DIY enthusiast or not. A basic tool box is something every individual should have. You don’t want to run calling your electrician, plumber or mechanic for every minor problem. And even in the event that you need to consult these artisans. Some of your own tools may serve as a handy replacement or back up should they forget theirs or get it damaged in the course of working.  Traditionally, there are a couple of tools that easily come to mind like hammers, screwdriver, pliers and others. There are however some easily over looked tools which are quite indispensable as well.

Socket wrench

This should not be confused with the more common crescent wrench or adjustable wrench. This wrench is more applicable for large projects and is capable of staying fixed on a nut while screwing or unscrewing it. This makes it unnecessary to remove the wrench and fix it in again after every turn.

Impact Wrenches

This tool is a big plus when you have to deal with large nuts that are fast stuck or even beginning to rust. It’s often powered either by compressed air, electricity or hydraulic power and works by delivering stored energy from a rotating mass to the point of desired impact. This allows for maximum torque with less effort from the operator.

Vise grip (Locking) pliers

This is another tool that has a more common cousin which is the standard plier. While the standard plier is present in most tool boxes, most of us have experienced the difficulty of holding some particularly slippery or rough edged objects in place. The locking pliers provide a simple solution to this. Equipped with a bolt on one side, you can easily lock the object you wish to hold firmly in place with more force than regular pliers.


Many people erroneously believe that only plumbers and masons need the Level tool. However, tasks as simple as hanging a painting or setting up a detachable chair often require straightness. The level will help you achieve perfect horizontal or vertical position beyond what a cursory glance can do.

Meter rules and tape measures

You may not exactly appreciate the utility of this tool in your tool box until the need arises. Laying out a carpet, replacing a missing floor or roof board or sawing off a length of pipe are all domestic tasks that may need to be done at any time. These also require considerably precise measurements in order to carry out a clean and perfect job. A tape measure or meter rule will help to achieve just this and save you the extra costs of replacing improperly sized materials.

Cordless Drill

A cordless drill in your toolbox is a lifesaver whenever you have to make a neat hole either through wood or brick. You could select one with changeable drill bits and lithium ion battery and you can do all your drilling far away from an electric outlet.

Household Appliances as Tools

by adminpower

This entry is a little offbeat. You may not think of a refrigerator, a stove, a washing machine or a dryer as a tool but ask the person who uses them the most. Even if people can’t afford new appliances, they consider them a useful enough tool to buy a used refrigerator, or a used washing machine and dryer or whatever they need.

Can you imagine not having them? A washing machine and a dryer is one thing, but a refrigerator and a stove? What would you do, start collecting wood to build a fire and cook over the fire? Or, the next step up, a wood stove that you would have to cut or buy the wood and then get the fire lit whenever you needed to use it. Can you imagine the heat that would generate in the summer.

Without a fridge, what would you do? Only buy canned goods and dried goods so the food wouldn’t spoil without a refrigerator? Or go to the food store every day to buy just what you need. Having a modern refrigerator is not only a time saver but also a money saver. A lot less food goes bad, so less has to be thrown out. Plus, you don’t need to be going to the store which takes time that you could be doing something else.

In many third world countries, people can spend up to a half a day each day going to get water and even then, frequently the water isn’t very good and makes them sick. Rather than spending lots of time getting food and water, we just open the fridge and turn on the tap. (Granted we do have to go shopping once in a while for the food) Then you pop the food in the microwave and a minute or two later you are eating. Or take a bit longer and put it on the stove or in the oven. The difference is staggering.

And now, in some cities you can just pick up your cell phone and order dinner and a hot meal made to order is delivered in half an hour. You have taken all of a minute to place the order. (Although, this may mean that you don’t need a fridge and a stove. Just get all the meals delivered.)

Hello Tool Lovers!

by adminpower

All Power Jack welcomes you. This blog will be all about tools that are useful. Some will be every day kinds of tools and some will be oddball ones that are kind of interesting. Probably will toss in some things about construction as well. Check back soon to find some interesting tidbits.